Christian group from Regina praying for Muslims

Courtesy: CBC News
A Christian group in Regina has been praying for Muslims. According to the Canadian Network of Ministries to Muslims’ website, these prayers are with “faith, hope and love for the Muslim world.” “Through prayer we can engage in an active love for the Muslim world, sharing their burdens, and understanding their concerns,” said Harold Lutzer, a member of the Canadian Network of Ministries to Muslims. “In this way, we really fulfil Jesus’ command to love our neighbours as ourselves. “The group in Regina is only two months old, but groups from the organization across the country have also worked to help refugees coming into the country settle into their communities. He said the group hopes that through helping Muslims, they can tell more Muslims about Jesus.
On the organization’s website, it says their mission is to “equip the Canadian church to help Muslims in Canada become disciples of Jesus Christ.” “Yes our aim is also to present Jesus to them, but no one can ever convert them, it’s only God who can do that,” said Lutzer. He thinks that many Muslims are converting to Christianity around the world. “It’s not happening that much in Canada, but I believe it will happen,” said Lutzer. “There are many countries where they are coming to faith in Jesus. That’s encouraging.”

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