Pokemon Go drawing people to church and charity in Regina

Courtesy: CBC News
There’s already been a lot of hype about it being used to get exercise and boost business. But many in Regina are finding it can be used creatively for everything from getting people to church to donating to charities. Sue Breisch is an avid Pokemon Go player. She’s also a minister at the Lakeview United Church.
Breisch said she thought holding a Pokemon Go gym night at her church would be the perfect people to check out the church. “Church is about building community. When there’s something that the community is interested in, we want to let them know that we are too,” Breisch said. The first gym night was held on Aug. 19 and featured Pokeball-themed cupcakes, gym battles and more. She said it won’t be the last either, with plans to do several more in September and when the weather gets cold. She said about half the people that showed up she had never seen at the church before. She’s hoping it showed them that some of their preconceptions about church weren’t accurate. “It wasn’t a prayer group.” One of the most memorable moments from the evening, she said, was when a church member in her 80s was shown how to play the app by two teenage boys. “She just wanted to hear what it was all about because she’s been hearing everyone talk about it.”

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