Prayer debate taken to steps of Saskatchewan Legislature

Courtesy: CBC
A group of people gathered at the Saskatchewan Legislature Sunday to deliver a petition asking politicians to stop praying before the start of daily business in the assembly. About 20 people held a short demonstration, with a few signs, before handing their petition to a security guard for delivery to the premier’s office Monday. A Regina branch of the Centre for Inquiry, which advocates for secularism, has been campaigning for a change, especially following a Supreme Court of Canada decision concerning the use of prayer at meetings of municipal councils.
“The government should be neutral in matters of religion,” Chadwick said. He said he is a strong advocate for freedom of religion in society as well as “freedom from religion”. “Religious beliefs should not be imposed on any member of society but you’re free to practice your own religions,” he said. Other people at the demonstration agreed. “Government should be inclusive of everyone,” Dusti Hennenfent, who has pressed the same issue in the past in relation to schools, said. “Saskatchewan is promoting itself as an inclusive, progressive province … and I don’t think that opening up with a very specific Christian prayer represents that.”

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