Quebec congregations rally as Catholic church plans more closures

Courtesy: The Star
Montreal La Presse has reported that as many as 33 churches may be set to close as of this summer.
For more than 150 years, the church in Ste-Sophie, Que., has stood in the heart of the village, its steeple like a beacon summoning the faithful through its doors. But with so few answering the call each Sunday, the small town northwest of Montreal is one of many facing what once would have been unimaginable: a churchless future.
Montreal La Presse and a local newspaper have reported that as many as 33 of the diocese’s 54 churches could be on the chopping block as of this summer. The diocese says an announcement will be made in June. The news isn’t sitting well with some residents in Ste-Sophie, who have formed a group to try to save the church. Thus far, their activities consist of trying to raise attendance at Sunday mass, and trying to show church authorities that the community is willing to work to find solutions.

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