Sask. man says he was denied church communion for being gay

Courtesy: CBC News
For more than two decades, Matt Schaefer has been a member of the congregation of St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church in the city of Warman, Sask.
“We got up for communion like I had done for a long time. We all lined up and I got passed over for the biscuit,” Schaefer said. “I thought it was odd, but when they passed the wine over me as well, I thought, ‘Oh, OK — something’s up.’ ” “He called me eventually,” Schaefer said. “He asked me if I remembered confirmation class and the part on homosexuality. “At that point, Schaefer said he had his answer: it was because he was gay that he had been passed over during communion. Heided wrote, “I sincerely care for and pray for this young man whom I have known and served periodically since high school. I have encouraged him to seek out a church in his community which would be able to regularly serve his spiritual needs. I continue to pray for the Lord’s hand of guidance upon him.”

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