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SOGI (Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity)
There is an active agenda across Canada to undermine your relationship with your children, undermine societal values and to sexualize your children. Your children are being used as political pawns. One of these programs is called SOGI, it is designed to create societal disruption.
Your child’s school has now been ordered to comply with the sex activists agenda. Teachers can no longer refer to children as “boys and girls”. To do so would be “to impose a binary gender assignment” that violates the sex activists’ view of how children should be raised. When talking about families, teachers are prohibited from using the terms “mom” and “dad,” and are instead directed to refer to your role simply “parent” or “guardian.” The new directives do not stop there. Get informed!
Other changes you need to be aware of. Your child’s school bathroom can now be used by gender deviants. Men/boys dressed up as—or “identify” as women/girls—can now use your daughter’s school change room, access the girls/women change facilities at your local recreation centre or community swimming pool…as a few examples. Churches, Mosques, Synagogues and daycares are now prohibited from “discriminating” against those who claim to “identify” differently from their birth identity as male or female
The SOGI website lists these 10 Key components, read them carefully. This is what is happening in Classrooms:
Here are ten key components for effective SOGI-inclusive policies and procedures:
This list was compiled by the Ministry of Education/SOGI Working Group.
1. Common Language
All parties will be we||-informed of and equipped with appropriate and respectful language.
2. Safety/Anti-Harassment
Proactive and reactive measures that include sexual orientation and gender identity will impact all students.
3. Self-Identification
Students will have the right to self-identification, which includes the name by which they wish to be addressed and the preferred pronouns that correspond to their gender identity.
4. Confidentiality
Students will have the right to the confidentiality of their official and/or preferred sex, gender, and name.
5. Dress Guidelines
Students may express their gender identity or gender expression through what they wear to school. A dress code should be as all—inclusive as possible, which may include removing pronouns.
6. Gender Integrated And Inclusive Activities
Integrated and inclusive activities will enable students to join teams and groups that they feel correspond with their gender identity.
7. Educator Training
All staff will be provided with knowledge and tools to develop a broad understanding of SOGI and the impact on students.
8. Inclusive Learning
Classroom materials and activities will contain positive images and accurate information about sexual and/or gender diversity.
9. Facilities
Individuals may choose to use washrooms and change rooms that match their gender identity, including non-gendered single-stall washrooms and change rooms.
10. Inclusive Extra-Curricular Activities
Students will be included and accommodated for in all extra-curricular activities regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity, including support to set up a Gender-
Sexuality Alliance/Gay-Straight Alliance or similar club.
We should pray for God to break the stronghold of this demonic deception that is pervading the Schools.

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