St. Kevin’s Parish cashes in $5.8 million in Chase the Ace earnings

Courtesy: CBC News
It’s been nearly two months since tens of thousands of people swarmed the Goulds neighbourhood of St. John’s for the dramatic finale of Chase the Ace, and now it’s finally time for St. Kevin’s Parish to share how much it made.
During Sunday morning mass, the church distributed a highly anticipated balance sheet that revealed the amount of money the fundraiser brought in. The final number A whopping $5,759,174.”We suspected it would be in the millions but when the final tally came down and all expenses were taken out and everything, we were all kind of awestruck,” said Chase the Ace spokesperson and St. Kevin’s Parish finance committee chair Carol O’Brien. O’Brien said the Chase the Ace winnings will go towards conducting much-needed maintenance, creating a nest egg to help the church stay in the black in the future, and helping modernize the parish’s food bank. “The main reason that this whole thing was undertaken was to make sure that in years to come we’re not scrambling trying to pay bills,” she said. “Our collections and congregation is shrinking. So it was basically to ensure that over the next number of years, we can keep our heads above water.”

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