Canadians see Halifax as 7th safest city in country: poll

Courtesy: Herald News
Canadians think Halifax is among the safest cities in the country but its nearest provincial neighbours think otherwise, a national opinion survey says. The Mainstreet/Postmedia poll included nearly 4,300 Canadians, 53 per cent of whom said Halifax was a safe place. A further 28 per cent said it was unsafe, and 19 per cent were unsure.
That placed Halifax as the seventh-safest city in the eyes of Canadians. However, of the 400 Atlantic Canadians surveyed, only 49 per cent said Nova Scotia’s capital was safe, with 44 per cent calling it unsafe. Three per cent were unsure. David Valentine, spokesman for Mainstreet Research, says Halifax does quite well. “Nationally, it’s the seventh safest,” he said. “When you look at Atlantic Canada, things get more nuanced. It falls two places to ninth, and only St. John’s is lower. There is definitely a shift.”

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