We want Nunavut to shine: Territory’s new premier looks to the future

Courtesy: NUNATSIQ

The life story of Nunavut’s new premier reads like a modern history of the Inuit.

But Paul Quassa says he wants to look forward, not back.”We want Nunavut to shine,” says Quassa, who was sworn in last week as the territory’s fourth premier. “We want to see a truly brilliant territory.”Quassa, 65, was born near Igloolik on the Melville Peninsula, where the west coast of Hudson Bay flicks up toward Baffin Island.”I was born in an igloo,” he says. “My generation is the last generation to have experienced the traditional way of living prior to people being moved into communities.

The list of Nunavut’s problems is long and it can seem as if they are  tangled irretrievably together. Quassa has his own ideas about where to start tugging at the knot. “Education, training,” he says. “Our territory is a very young territory. We have to think in a long-term plan and we have to think about our future generation.” Look for another version of that failed Education Act during the new session, Quassa hints. “Education is always a big issue in the territory. This is one of the areas we’ll be talking about when we talk about our new mandate.”

Expect continued funding requests of the federal government for infrastructure, too. Quassa points out Nunavut remains the only jurisdiction in Canada with no outside road links. “We are part of Canada,” he says. “Coast to coast to coast.” One thing he’d like to see more of in Nunavut over the next four years is confidence. “We want a population that’s vibrant, that’s not afraid to get into the workforce, a population that is more educated in both Inuktitut and English. We want a population that’s outgoing and positive.” Quassa says it all goes back to the presence of his signature on the land-claim document that helped create the territory he now leads. “I knew the vision then and the vision hasn’t changed.”

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