Yukon bishop to take on dual role as parish priest

Courtesy: Anglican Church of Canada

Complementing the mitre he wears as bishop of the Anglican diocese of Yukon, Bishop Larry Robertson is about to try on an old hat again that of parish priest.

In an experiment designed to make the most of diocesan resources, Bishop Robertson and his wife plan to move this summer into a parish—one yet to be determined—that currently lacks any stipendiary clergy. There the bishop will serve as the parish priest for an intended period of three years, taking on duties related to local ministry in addition to his role as diocesan bishop.

“I’m excited about it,” Bishop Robertson said. “On a personal basis, it’s getting back into [parish] ministry. One of the things I think that as bishops we often lose touch of, is what’s happening in a parish. So in that sense, I’m really looking forward to it … I really think it’s a positive move in spreading the ministry and serving the people of the Yukon.”

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