Yukon Muslim Society plans Whitehorse mosque

Courtesy: Yukon news

Government funding towards the building of  Muslim house of prayer.

This week the Yukon government announced it’s giving $75,000 to the Yukon Muslim Society through community development funding.

The funding is to help convert the old Canadian Freightway building on 2nd Avenue into the Whitehorse Islamic Community Centre and Mosque.The Yukon Muslim Society currently rents an office space on Front Street that is not very visible. Javed hopes that once they are on 2nd Avenue it will help them integrate further into the community. The Muslim society is currently in the process of purchasing the building and they are confident that they will have the property by September, said Muhammad Javed, the society’s organizer.

 Purchasing the property is a milestone for the society. It will still have to raise more funds to help with the renovations but the money from the government helps, said Javed. With the extra funding, the society plans on having the community centre and mosque ready by March 2018.

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