COVID-19 Guidance: Faith-Based Organizations

COVID-19 Guidance for Places of Worship
Religious services, rites, ceremonies and related celebrations must comply with the Reopening Ontario Act Opens in new window. During this time, it is recommended that faith leaders limit in-person services to keep everyone safe.

Host Virtual Services to allow everyone to participate.
Limit Gathering for physical distancing & better ventilation.
Monitor Proximity for physical distancing & wear a mask.
Limit Duration when people are together indoors.
1. Conduct Virtual Services
Toronto Public Health strongly encourages virtual services at this time to reduce the spread of COVID-19, and to ensure that everyone can participate safely.
Many of the COVID-19 cases are from in-person transmission. Call or connect virtually with vulnerable individuals or people who live alone.
2. Limit Gatherings
There have been multiple COVID-19 outbreaks linked to weddings and funeral receptions.
If gatherings are necessary, keep services short, and plan for very small groups of people.
Discourage social gatherings before or after the service, including staff.
Consider postponing receptions to a later date, or limit to household members only.
Religious services, rites and ceremonies, as well as social events PDF before or after, must adhere to the gathering limits listed below.
The mandatory capacity limits below include parishioners, officiants and staff. In addition, all individuals must be able to maintain at least two metres/six feet physical distancing from people they do not live with at all times.
Gatherings for weddings, funeral, or religious services, rites,
or ceremonies

Social gatherings associated with any wedding, funeral, or religious service, rite, or ceremony

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