racism in the Canadian Church?

Watching out for us-and-them thinking in our congregations. Global support is currently through the roof for many of the issues championed by the #BlackLivesMatter movement, and many places have seen daily protests calling for an end to anti-Black racism. The outpouring of voices calling for stronger action against systemic racism in law enforcement has prompted …

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God our Comforter, we cry out

Comforting those who mourn, restoring broken relations We are all in this together” is a phrase we’ve heard a lot recently, reminding us to make personal sacrifices in the fight against Covid-19. It’s practical – assisting to flatten the curve to help our health care system from being overwhelmed. It’s motivational – affirming we are …

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Church a loving presence

In May 2019 an overnight electrical fire gutted the sanctuary of Le Flambeau Evangelical Baptist Church. The community of Granby, Que., responded with numerous messages offering help and encouragement. Le Flambeau has become a staple in Granby, helping about 5,000 people every year through its food bank and used item store. François Provencher, the church’s senior …

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Listen to the groans

Ten years ago my mom underwent aggressive chemotherapy and radiation. The treatment prolonged her life, so I’m grateful she withstood it. But I’ll never be able to shake the awful memories from the days she was most in agony. The sound of her groans haunt me. In recent weeks, when footage of the killing of …

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Prayer for the Nation

THIS PRAYER IS MY HEART FOR MY FAMILY & NATION. I copied the prayer of brother David Wells into my prayer journal. Please take a couple minutes to read this prayer. (Full prayer below) Gracious, Mighty God, we choose to be a movement. As your people we hunger and thirst for more. There is so …

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